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FTOB: Londen

Londen, 2009. The King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson was supposed to give an increadbly amount of concerts in the O2 Arena. My friends and I had everything ready: tickets from Eindhoven to Londen, the Hotel and off course the concert tickets.

When MJ passed away I decided to still fly to Londen, while the rest remained home. I landed in Londen on the morning the concert was supposed to happen, and was back home in the evening the other day. But wooh, what a city! One thing’s for sure: i’ll be back.

In the past few years I shot a lot of pictures. Mostly using my mobile Phone (being an iPhone 3G first, now iPhone 4), sometimes using my simply Sony Cybershot. Once in a while I would like to share some of those pictures with you, as part of what i’m calling the ‘From The Old Box’ picture series (FTOB).

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