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The Best of Music, according to me

Since I started my weblog I received a lot of reactions. Although the comment boxes appear pretty empty (except two), there where a lot of people reacting by Twitter, Phone or in real life. Thanks for that. Some told me they liked the pictures, but where looking forward to something else. Something about music, me or my opinion on things. I do want to share something more with you then just my pictures. Otherwise I could have started a photoblog instead.

To start of, I toke some of my most listened tracks, according to last.fm, and share them with you. Resulting in this post. Feel free to bring some similar music to my attention, i’m always in for something new.

Watch some of my most played tracks. The titles are clickable, witch will provide you with more info about the artist or song.

By the way, the image on top of this page was taken by me while Ilse de Lange was performing here revised version of ‘Heavenless’ in the 013 Tilburg.

Ilse DeLangeHeavenless (live version)

Angus & Julia StoneThe Beast

Tegan and SaraClever Meals

SiaBreathe Me

StashAll that’s left

Lisa GermanoFrom a Shell

Bob SchneiderCome With Me Tonight

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